Diablo 3 Character Class Video: The Demon Hunter

You already saw Diablo III’s Barbarian in action, and this time, it’s the Demon Hunter’s turn.

The class seems to be a lot more agile compared to its bulky Barbarian brethren. It also deals damage at range — perfect for those who want to stand back and pick apart their enemies. Another interesting aspect is how Blizzard gives the class separate pools in doing offensive and defensive spells.

Doing offensive spells deplete the red part of the orb, while doling out defensive ones deplete the blue side. This will surely make micro-managing spells a game unto itself — and no doubt Blizzard will have armor and equipment that will increase the pool itself or its cooldown.

Have you chosen which class you’ll want to play as in Diablo III? If not, hopefully these character class videos are making it easier for you to decide.

Diablo III will be out this coming May 15 for the PC.