GameStop Now Mandated by the Government to “Warn” About DLC

If you’re living in California, expect your local GameStop to start posting warning signs for games that require DLC or Online Passes soon.

That’s because a class settlement was reached that requires the retailer to post signs for the next two years. In addition to this, the retailer is also required to reimburse certain individuals who paid fore their used games without the knowledge that extra fees were required in order to play the game online.

All of this started in March of last year when a certain James Collins bought a used copy of EA’s Dragon Age: Origins from a GameStop in California.

Collins paid $55 (just $5 less if he bought it new) for the used game without knowing firsthand that used games will require an Online Pass in order for the game to access its online features.

It’s still not know if GameStop will be implementing the warnings in its retail establishments that are outside California.

Source: IGN