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Diablo 3 Character Class Video: The Barbarian

Blizzard is notching the Diablo III fever a notch as it prepares to showcase the game’s various classes…and it’s starting with everyone’s favorite — The Barbarian.

While most people scoff at people who play the Barbarian class in Diablo games, I honestly prefer this class myself, as I really like getting down and dirty with the enemies and cleaving my way through their ranks with the Whirlwind skill.

Diablo III looks to give the class more than brute strength and durability. In the video, we get to see the powers the Barbarian can unleash when it comes to crowd control. He can even buff his teammates or “un-buff” his enemies if he wants to.

Are you going to be playing as The Barbarian class in Diablo III or would you rather use something less “vanilla,” perhaps?

Diablo III will be hitting the PC this coming May 15.