Crysis 3 Accidentally Leaked by EA

Remember when we reported that Scandinavian mag Game Reactor would be unveiling something big in April? If not that, what about the time we told you that Crytek said that they’ll be announcing their next project, also in April?

Well, that announcement seems to have been preemptively revealed by EA, no less.

The publisher has accidentally leaked Crysis 3’s box art on its digital retail platform Origin. The box art, which can be seen below, clearly shows the Crysis 3 logo and it even has someone in a Nanosuit holding a bow (!).

Yes, a bow! If you’re wondering why, the latest cover of Game Reactor a jungle on its cover with the Nanosuit markings on the mag’s upper left side.

Crysis 3

Does this mean that Crysis 3 will be going back to lush, tropical environments as opposed to Crysis 2’s ravaged New York setting? We’ll know for sure once Crytek officially confirms and talks about it. I’m guessing this will take place within the month or before E3 hits.

Oh, and as expected, Crysis 3 will be out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: NeoGaf