Capcom Defends Lost Planet 3 Devs

While Capcom has officially announced Lost Planet 3’s existence, a lot of people are not that optimistic in regards to the game — and with good reason.

You see, it’s not just because Lost Planet 2 wasn’t that good — yes, that compounds things — but the main point of argument from people now is how Lost Planet 3 is being made by Spark Unlimited…a developer who honestly doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to making good games.

The developer’s last two games, Turning Point and Legendary: The Box, didn’t fare out that good — both in retail and critically. You know things are bad when the studio’s current average for their games at Metacritic stands at a measly 52.

In saying all this, Capcom is wary of the studio’s less-than-stellar history; but they think things will work and numbers don’t tell you the whole story.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Capcom producer Andrew Szymanski  had this to say.

For people who wonder why we made that choice, it’s certainly important to look at a track record and what people have done in the past, but that can’t tell you the whole story…Particularly when it comes to a collaborative effort – what we found is they’ve got the technical ability and the passion and the drive. I don’t think Spark alone or Capcom alone could have created this – it had to be a collaborative effort.

While that doesn’t necessarily alleviate fears, at least the publisher knows that the studio needs a close hand when it comes to the quality of their games. Hopefully, Lost Planet 3 will be Spark Unlimited’s first break-out game.

Source: Eurogamer