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More Videos and Combat Info for DmC Surfaces

We already showed you Capcom’s trailer for DmC which they premiered at their Captivate event, but this time we have more — and they’re gameplay clips, to boot!

The first trailer shows off how Dante will traverse the environments in the game. Yes, you have your double jumps, dash move while in mid-air, and whatnot — but what’s interesting here is that the level itself seems to change while Dante is running through it.

It comes off like a puzzle section of some sort that Dante must escape before he falls or something awful presumably happens.

It seems Ninja Theory is adding platforming elements to the franchise, no? Hopefully it pays off and doesn’t feel gimmicky.

The other video showcases the game’s forte — the combat itself. While it looks like it still manages to retain the Devil May Cry of old’s combat mechanics, Ninja Theory aims to shake things up a bit by adding two new weapons to Dante’s bag of tricks.

He’ll know be able to wield an “angel weapon scythe” named Osiris, and a demonic axe called Arbiter. These two weapons represent Dante’s angel and devil sides. I’ll let you be the judge if you think they can replace Dante’s trusted two guns and sword combo (the guns and sword will still be in the game).

DmC is scheduled to be out later this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.