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Mists of Pandaria Pandaren Starting Zone Quests Guide – How To Level Up Monk

You may well be enjoying Mists of Pandaria if you were lucky enough to get the invitation of closed beta. The expansion has many new additions, and Blizzard is still not done with it yet.

Most part, however, still remains the same, and if you are a veteran WoW player, most of the quests in Pandaria won’t be a problem for you.

New comers may face some problems. In any case, if you are stuck somewhere in Pandaren starting zone, we have the following walk through for you that can guide you through the hardships.

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Table of Contents

Shang Xi Training Grounds Quests

This will be the first hub every new Pandarian will enter in. Since it’s the start, things will go easy and most of the quests won’t budge you at all.

Much to Learn
You will be asked to find Master Shang Xi. He is right in front of you. Go speak with him.

The Lesson of the Iron Bough
The master will ask you to go to training grounds. The grounds have various weapons spread all over. Grab the weapon and return to master Shang for further briefings.

The Lesson of the Sandy Fist
You have your weapons now. It’s time to have some battle fun. You need to defeat five targets spread throughout the training grounds. Once you are done killing them, head back to the master.

The Lesson of Stifled Pride
Next, your task will be to test your weapons on the real enemies. Find the Houjin Trainees inside the temple grounds and defeat them. Attack them and then take them out. After you have killed six of them, head back to your master. You will find him at the temple’s entrance.

The Lesson of the Burning Scroll
There is no real problem in this task. All you need to do is carry the flames from Master Shang’s hand and burn the Edict on the top of the tower. A few clicks and a small distance to travel, that’s all you got to do for now.

The Disciple’s Challenge
Time to leave the training grounds. You need to move to the bottom of the stairs and cross the bridge. You will now have to fight with one of mater Shang’s oldest followers, Jaomin Ro one.

If you have been doing things right, until now, the fight will be an easy one to win (it’s a training after all). Meet the master at the bridge to conclude this task.

Aysa of the TushuiYou needs to find spirit of fire (Huo) and return it to the Temple of Dawn. You need to find Aysa for this.

You can find Aysa along the next quest hub (Fu’s Pond). So instead, you will have to deal with MerchantLorvo until Aysa is finished with her practice.

Fu’s Pond Quests

While Aysa completes her practice, you will be doing some tasks for Merchant Lorvo in this series of quests. Most of the quests here will be kill and collect type, and you may enjoy them, especially when you have a new race at your disposal (the Pandaren race).

Items of Utmost Importance
You will find out that some scum-bags have stolen some goods from Mr. Lorvo’s merchant cart. Your task is to take out the thieves and collect what was stolen. You need to kill 6 of these creatures before you can collect the goods and head back to Lorvo.

The Missing Driver
It was probably due to the driver’s cowardliness that thieves managed to steal some goods. Lorvo wants you to find Min Dimwind (the driver) any ways.

You can find him near north section of Fu’s pond surrounded by Amberleaf Scamps. Head back to Lorvo to complete the quest. You will find out that Aysa also has completed her practice.

The Way of Tushui
Follow Aysa to reach the cave. She there will try to find Huo’s location while you should protect her from any danger.

You will be attacked by the Amberleafs. The bar below indicates the number of these creatures you need to kill. Once you have defeated all of them, her meditation will also be completed (perfect timing, right?). Master Shang Xi conveniently will be available at cave’s entrance.

Ji of the Huojin
Time to meet another student of Master Shang. Ji Firepaw can be found in Wu-Sang Village (the central section). Follow the path and you will reach him.

Wu Song Village Quests

Before you can begin your quests with the next student, you need to deal with the monkey problem first.

The Way of the Huojin
He will give your briefings on the monkey problem. Cutting long things short, you need to get rid of them by killing them. Eight Horzen monkey’s slaughter is the price for this quest.

You can find them throughout the village. After you have completed the particular task, head back to Firepaw for further instructions.

Kindling the Fire
Before you can meet Huo, you need to have the dogweed root kindling for his hunger. You will need five kindlings. These can be found to the south of the village under the large trees.

Fanning the Flames
Huo can burn the wood, but he also needs wind to flame the fire. You can use the Windstone (you got earlier) to get the fluttering breeze.

Actually, an elemental will need who can be defeated, and then you collect the items you need as a loot. Head back to Firepaw (in Wu-Song Village) after you have both the components (Wood and Wind).

The Spirit’s Guardian
Time to see the spirit of fire. Head to the Cave of Meditation in the southwest section. You will past through the same forest where you completed the above two quests.

Master Li Fie there (Huo’s guardian) will meet you there. Hew ill decide now whether you are worthy of seeing the spirit of fire or not.

Shrine of the Inner Light Quests

The Challenger’s Fire/Only the Worthy Shall Pass
After you have lit the torches, you will have to defeat Master Li Fie to prove your worth. Don’t worry though as it is not really a boss fight. Just use the same basic combat style you have been using so far, and you will be able to defeat him.

Huo, The Spirit of Fire
Finally, you can enter the chamber of the spirit of fire. You need to present the gifts first (you can find them in Huo’s Offerings). Once he has been flamed, you can talk to the spirit.

The Passion of Shen-Zin Su
The spirit is surprisingly pleased with you. You should now bring it to meet Master Shang. He can be found in the Temple of the Five Dawns in the central section of the island. Speak to the Master Shang for further instructions.

The Singing Pools
Although the spirit of fire will do its job, but Master Shang will reveal that you need other three spirits too to ensure the survival of the race.

That’s not fair but yes, that’s what you are going to do next. You can start with the Singing Pools, which can be found east to the Temple of Five Dawns.

The Singing Pools Quests

Something Tough
Jojo Ironbow will ask you to bring him hard Tearwood Reeds. They are the sparkling items you can find throughout the singing pools.

It won’t be that straight forward though as you will become a frog when you enter the pool to collect the reeds. Watch out the cranes if you don’t want to be eaten. You need to eight reeds to complete this task.

The Lesson of Dry Fur
Aysa is back to her practice. In the meanwhile, you can polish your skills. She will first ask you to ring the bell without falling off the poles.

Jump from pole to pole when the green arrow appears. Be fast or the monks can knock you off. Ring the bell and you will be done with the quest.

The Lesson of the Balanced Rock
Another pole jumping challenge. This time, the only difference is that you need to knock off the Tushui Monk at the end before he does the same to you. Time your clicks properly and you will be fine.

Finding an Old Friend
You need to find an old acquaintance of Aysa. The old Liang can be found in a house on the top of a hill in the northeast direction of the pools.

Liang’s Retreat Quests

Through these quests, you will find out that how Shu can be brought back.

The Sun Pearl
Liang will tell you that you need to make the spirit your friend. Sun Pearl as a gift for the friendship token can do the trick.

You can find Sun Pearl in the Southeast direction of Liang’s house in a deep pool in the giant clam. You will have to defeat the serpent first before you can have what you are looking for. Get the pearl and head back to Liang.

The Sting of Learning
Liang will ask you a favour to reduce the Water Pincer population. These poisonous creatures should be dealt in isolated forms as in groups, they can create problems. Remove the threat and return to Liang to complete the quest.

Shu, The Spirit of Water
Time to win the friendship of the spirit of water. You can use the rock with marked blue circles to locate the pools of reflection. Toss in the pearl to bring him out.

A New Friend
After you have managed to call him out, it’s time to play with him to ensure your friendly approach. Stand on the bubbling water until you go into the air.

The Source of Our Livelihood
Yes, you are done with the spirit of Water. Now, for the spirit of earth, Aysa will ask you to visit a Farmstead where you need to find Wugo (the spirit of earth).

You can use the card down the road that can lead you there. After you have reached your destination, speak to Firepaw for further briefings.

Dai-Lo Farmstead Quests

You now to complete a series of tasks to get the help of Wugo.

Rascals Still Good
Ji will ask you to go to the farmstead of vermin. You will face the Vermins on your way. They may be annoying but if you manage to kill 10 of them one by one, your job will be done.

Goa Summerdraft
Goa Summerdraft will ask you to seek out the vermin’s crops stock. You need to get him 3 Uprooted Turnips, 3 Stolen Carrots, and 3 Pilfered Pumpkins. You can found these items in the field in the south of the village.

Missing Mallet
Ji gives you the idea that if you can make sufficient sound, you may wake up the spirit. There is a gong nearby but the mallet is missing.

You can find the mallet from Raggis, a big angry rabbit. The rabbit is at Ki-Han Brewery just beside the southwest river. The goal is simple, defeat the rabbit and head back with the mallet.

Something Tougher
You need to collect 12 Discarded Wood Planks for Jojo. Head outside Ki-Han Brewery and you will find plenty of them there.

Raucous Rousing
It’s time to ring the gong. The gong is next to Wugo so head there and click the damn thing.

Not in the Face
The gong strategy didn’t work at all. What now? Yes, another plan. You can use Shu to throw some freezing water on the face of Wugo. Just to the north of the gong, you can find Shu behind the tree. Talk to him to enlist his help.

The Spirit and Body of Shen-Zin Su
It will work and finally, Wugo will awake. You can now take both the spirits (Water and Earth) back to the Temple of Five Dawns. No need to walk as you can use the ride to get there.

Morning Breeze Village Quests

You will be searching for your final spirit (Defeng) in this village.

Rewritten Wisdoms
Monkey are the trouble again. You need to find the scrolls and destroy them. These can be found on the large stones across the ridge of Laughing Winds. Burn 5 scrolls to complete your job.

Something Tougher
Mr. Jojo is back again. He needs you to find the Stone blocks. You can find them in the Ridge of the Laughing Wind. Collect 12 of them to complete his challenge (which apparently has to be more tough than before).

Tools of the Enemy
The creator of the scrolls (Master Shaopai) will ask you to retrieve the paint brushes from the monkeys so that they cannot create any more trouble.

Again, head to the Ridge of the Laughing Winds and collect the brushes. You need to collect 8 of them (they are 8; I think) to complete the quest.

The Direct Solution
Enough of the Pesky Hozen shit. Ji will suggest you to deal with the issue once and for all. Head to the village and take out some of them to give a message.

You can find the Hozen village to the north of the Breeze Village. You should kill 14 Fe Fang Hozen for the completion of this task.

Do No Evil
Well, Ji is guilty now and he wants you to go talk to the Hozen leader and tell them that not all the monkeys are meant to be slaughtered. You now need to slaughter ruk-ruk To do that, once you are inside Hozen’s village, head east to find him.

Monkey Advisory Warning
You need to recover the stolen firework bundles which were stolen by the monkeys. They can be found north the Morning Breeze village. The bright targets of course are the items (8 of them) you need to collect.

Something Too Tough?
Ah, not again. You can find a Jade Tiger Pillar. This seems to be a good challenge option for Jojo Ironbow. Accept the offer from pillar and then return it to Jojo.

Balanced Perspective
Time to see Aysa to see whether her meditation is complete or not. You need to cross the lake using the ropes. If you fall off the ropes, you will have to swim back to the shore and start over again.

Defeng, The Spirit of Air
Aysa will tell you that she has discovered the spirit of air. The spirit can be found in the Chamber of Whispers, south of the Plateau.

Head there and you will find Aysa and Ji waiting for you. Let the winds settle first and then walk along the hallway to find Defeng.

Chamber of Whispers Quests

The Serpent should be dealt with first before Defeng can move out. Ji will advise you to use the fireworks you took from the monkeys.

Fire them to the serpent in the sky and you will manage to to defeat it. You can set the fireworks directly outside the chamber. Meet master Shang to conclude this quest.

Worthy of Passing
Master Shang wants you to escort him. Follow him till you face the guardian. There is nothing to be afraid of as you can defeat him with your basic skills. Once you have defeated the guardian, you can gain entrance into the Wood of Staves.

The Wood of Staves Quests

Unwelcome Nature
To earn the confidence of the spirit in the woods, you need to take care of Thronbranch Scamps. They are more dangerous than the creatures you have faced before and can produce replicas if you leave them un-attended for long. Try to take care of them as soon as you can.

Small, But Significant
Jojo is back again. He will ask you nothing more than the usual. You can find the blocks over the ground in the Ridge of the Laughing Wind. You need to pick 12 of these sparkling items.

Passing Wisdom
The old hag’s time is over as your guide and you will take on the rest of your journey without his help. He will pass some useful piece of information to you before leaving.

Follow the path and find Aysa and Ji along with Shang’s Balloon to conclude, well, somewhat emotional quest.

The Suffering of Shen-Zin Su
Click the hot air balloon to start your journey towards the next objective. Aysa and Ji will still accompany you. You need to find the cause of the sufferings and then report it back to Elder Shaopai in the Temple of Five Dawns.

Bidden Greatness
If you decide to remove the thorn from the side of Shen-Zin Su, you need to find a hermit in the Pei-Wu Forest. You should exit the temple and head to the gates of Mandori Village.

You will soon reach the Pei-Wu forest. The gates will open so keep on following the path to find your required target.

Forlorn Hut Quests

Preying on the Predators
The Amur tigers in the forest are dangerous but they should be stopped as they have started to attack the survived refugees. Kill 6 of them and return to Wie Palerage to complete the quest.

Stocking Stalks
The people who have vowed to stand beside you need something they can use as weapons. Look for the broken Bamboo stalks in the Forlorn Hut perimeter. Collect 10 of them and head back to Korga Strongmane.

Wrecking the Wreck
You need to find the engineer. Follow Ji down the path that will lead you to the west side of the village. There is no big trouble in it as you will find the engineer soon enough on the path you have been walking along.

Pei-Wu Forest Quests

The engineer will detail you about the things you need to do to get the ship job done.

Handle With Care
You will require explosive to remove the wreckage of the Alliance ship. Move to the wreckage to the south of the camp to find more explosives. Like always, you need to examine the glittering objects and the bodies.

Urgent News
You need to convince Aysa that using explosives is a good plan. For that, you will have to meet her. You can do that by moving east from the camp site. Take the next road south and you will reach the camp that is marked by the Alliance Flag.

Skyfire Crash Site Quests

You will have to help out people at the crash site while you wait for the Aysa to arrive.

None Left Behind
You need to rescue 3 injured Alliance sailors before the wreckage collapses. The crash site is west to the Alliance encampment.

There are plenty of injured soldiers around the crash site. Just click the lying sailor and return him to the Alliance camp. You can carry only one sailor at a time.

Medical Supplies
There are many injured, so you need to get the medical supplies for them. You can search for the supplies on the crash site. They will of course, shine so you won’t have to face any hardship. Just simple pickings.

From Bad to Worse
Things will go bad as some sort of pirates will emerge from the sea to loot the wreckage. You need to protect the survivors against those creatures. Defeat at least 8 of them to finish your job.

An Ancient Evil
Aysa has been spotted by one of the Alliance survivors. She is fighting with some evil force and needs your help immediately. Head to the crash site and help her in defeating that evil being before it’s too late.

Risking it All
Follow Aysa to meet Ji. He will insist that his plan is perfect. He will blow the ship free and open a gaping wound on Shen-Zin Su.

Free the healers that are being attacked by the evil creatures. The bar below will let you know about the healing status. More active healers will fill the bar rapidly. Once the healing task is complete, you need to go speak with Ji.

A New Fate
Shen-Zin Su is at peace now. Now you should return to the Temple of the Five Dawns. Like most of the times, you don’t need to walk on foot as you can use the cart to reach there. You can find the cart in northeast direction form the crash site.

Now, inside the temple, you will have to make a choice: either choose Horde or Alliance for the rest of your journey.

Be warned that once you have chosen sides, you won’t be able to change your decision. According to your choice, you will either be transported to the Stormwind or the Orgrimmar.