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Max Payne 3 Details Shared Over Twitter

While social networking site Twitter is becoming more and more invaluable when it comes to videogame leaks and whatnot, it seems Rockstar is doing it one better – as the developer took to its official Twitter feed to answer fan questions about Max Payne 3.

Keep in mind that the tweets shown below are taken word for word from Twitter itself:

If you take a fatal shot while carrying at least 1 painkiller you’ll enter Last Man Standing. #Max Payne 3

Last Man Standing is automatic Bullet Time with reticule drifting toward the guy that shot you. #Max Payne 3

If you kill the guy that shot you, you’ll be revived at the cost of 1 painkiller and whatever Bullet Time you had. #Max Payne 3

To survive #Max Payne 3 use Bullet Time, shootdodge, roll, cover. Time reloads/painkillers. Don’t stand still in a real time firefight.

To read up on the rest of the tweets, click here.

Yep, if you’re not a member yet, I suggest joining twitter and hounding your fave game/franchise or development studio there.

Source: Gameranx