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Lost Planet 3 Officially Unveiled by Capcom

We have more news from Capcom’s Captivate event and this time it’s an official reveal for Lost Planet 3!

While Lost Planet 2 wasn’t as successful as Capcom would have liked (both commercially and at retail), the game’s third entry in the franchise seems to show some promise – okay, it didn’t show any new gameplay footage but there’s a giant mech fighting with a giant ice monster! Read that again and tell me how can that NOT be awesome, no?

While details remain scarce, we do know that the game is being worked on by Spark Unlimited…and that the game will most likely involve snow once again – hey, I did say details were scare, didn’t I?

The game’s scheduled to be out sometime in 2013 and we’ll keep you posted as more news regarding the game seeps out.

Source: NeoGaf