Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Release Window Leaked by Rockstar Employee’s CV

Did someone from Rockstar itself leaked Grand Theft Auto V’s release time-frame? Well, it sure seems like it, as Rockstar North’s character animator Alex O’Dwyer just listed in his LinkedIn and in his CV that GTA V will be out this coming October.

The image, which can be seen below, doesn’t reveal an exact date yet — but the chances of this being true is quite high. For those that remember the launch windows of previous GTA games (sans GTA IV), it’s also within the holiday time-frame and understandably so. I mean, the holidays are release window for “big,” triple A games and no game is bigger than the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


While the evidence seems to be concrete, don’t celebrate just yet. This is a rumor still, after all. Hopefully, Rockstar will divulge the game’s exact release date this coming E3.

Source: Joystiq