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Rumor: Black Ops 2 Official Logo and Trailer Premier Date Allegedly Leaked

While it’s common knowledge by now that Activision will release a new Call of Duty game later this year, we still don’t know what it’s title will be.

In saying that, the rumors of that game being Black Ops 2 has been gaining steam and it might have gained just a bit more.

It seems that Activision will be unveiling Black Ops 2’s official trailer later this month — if Youtube user

">CoDInform is to be believed. While we normally don’t report on news gathered from Youtube channels and whatnot, this one might have a little more meat in it than the usual drivel.

While the image (which is used as this post’s headline pic) might be photoshopped, Activision did delete it from the official Call of Duty website upon its discovery and not just that; the original URL that linked to the image shows “,” which also happens to be a similar URL used for Modern Warfare 3’s images (

Another interesting factoid that could add weight to this picture’s credibility is that the date shown (April 28), is also the exact date when the original Black Ops trailer was released.

Of course, we’re tagging this as a rumor for now, but don’t be surprised if Activision suddenly announced an “event” that’s set to happen later this month.

Source: MP1st