Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Multiplayer DLC Announced by EA

EA officially announces Mass Effect 3’s first multiplayer pack and it’s going to be free of charge! The DLC, which will be called “Resurgence,” will add a ton of new content for mulitplayer fans.

If you’re wondering, yes, there will be new characters for you to experiment with. ¬†BioWare will be adding the Asari Justicar, Batarian, Geth, and Krogan Battlemaster into the mix. In addition to this, Resurgence will also add in two new maps – Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra.

Give the trailer a watch to see what you can expect from the DLC.

Mass Effect 3’s “Resurgence” DLC will be out on April 10 for the PC, Xbox360 and PS3 – oh, and again, it’s free. For help on Mass Effect 3, read our Romance, War Assets Locations and Multiplayer Character Builds.