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Rumor: Sony’s Smash Bros. Counterpart Game Titled

One rumor that kept on gaining steam last year was that Sony was planning its own version of Nintendo’s Smash Bros. with Sony PlayStation characters. Well, now that rumor just got stronger as an alleged survey even outs the game’s official title.

PlayStation Lifestyle received a reader tip that shows a Sony survey asking participants if it thinks the name “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” would be a good fit for the game. The survey’s screen capture can be seen below.

PlayStation All-Stars

Previous rumors heavily suggested that developer SuperBot is the one making the game; and more rumors have come forth to confirm that the game is indeed in development and is slated for a reveal at this year’s E3.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor until confirmed by Sony; but rumors with as much smoke as this one tends to be true in the long run.

Which PlayStation “all-star” would you want to see in the game? Personally, I’d love to see Nathan Drake square off against God of War’s Kratos.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle (image from PushSquare)