EA Announces Teeth of Naros DLC for Amalur

 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’s first DLC – The Legend of Dead Kel – isn’t even a month old yet and now EA sends word that another DLC pack will be coming out within the month.

Electronic Arts, working with Big Huge Games and 38 Studios have now officially announced Amalur’s next DLC pack called: Teeth of Naros. The DLC will include the floating city of Idylla, a new race of gods called the Kollossae, as well as five new dungeons that are packed to the brim with new foes to conquer. Oh, there’s also going to be new items and twists of fates, too!

Teeth of Naros will be out on April 17 for $9.99 for PC and PS3 players, while it will cost you 800 Microsoft Points if you’re an Xbox 360 user.

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