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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Trailer Shows How the Game Works with Kinect

If you’re one of the millions of Xbox 360 owners who purchased Microsoft’s Kinect motion-controller, chances are you’re still waiting for that core game that was promised to you by Microsoft when they first unveiled it. Well, it seems that game could be Capcom’s Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

In the trailer shown below, it shows the basics on how players will be able to use the Kinect to “jump” in a mech and control it just like the real thing! You can accelerate, use a periscope, rain fury among your enemies and whatnot – and all from gesture-based controls!

Hopefully, the game can sustain this momentum and it won’t be tiring after a few hours of play-time.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will be out on June 19 exclusively for the Xbox 360.