Mists of Pandaria Character Creation Menu – Small Tweaks and Changes

World of Warcraft is one massive RPG, and the character creation menu is diverse enough to keep you engaged for long durations before you say: there it is, my ultimate character.

In Mists of Pandaria however, Blizzard hasn’t really introduced any major change in the character creation menu. It just seems more polished than before and nothing else. After you select your race and class, you will go to the customization screen which has all the options almost same as in previous expansions.

The old character customization options are there in a menu bar at the top left of your screen. Additionally, Blizzard has added more options to the right side of the screen that will show you each separate option for the character customization.

If you go for skin colour, all the possible options will be displayed on the left side. The pattern is same for every option in the menu.

There have been some other small changes like the Name bar has been removed from the race and gender selector screen.

To read the information about the character, you will now have to click the more info button. After you are done with your character, click finish and enter the World of Warcraft with your crafty character.

Since we are in beta, new changes are being implemented by the developer every now and then. I am curious about the menu once the final changes have been pushed for the masses.

For the time being, small changes and tweaks will surely facilitate players in character creation, especially those who are relatively new in World of Warcraft.

You may also have tried it out already. If you have, do share your thoughts with us. For more help on Mists of Pandaria, read our Instance Guide, Wild Pets Locations and Pet Class Guide.