Halo Infinity Domains Registered

While Microsoft and 343 Industries has yet to release Halo 4, it seems that they’re already planning on what’s next for the franchise.

Someone has just registered web domains containing the words “Halo” and “Infinity” – and they didn’t register just one, but a ton of ’em! Halo fans might remember the word “Infinity” was the name of a popular PC-only map for the first Halo. So there’s a chance that these domain names were registered as part of a DLC pack that will include the said map.

Notice that I said “someone” registered the domain names and not Microsoft directly? It’s because the domain names were registered by internet brand protection agency MarkMonitor – although it’s a moot argument, as Microsoft themselves is a client of the agency and it’s easy to put the two ideas together.

The names Microsoft registered are:

  • HaloInfinity.net
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.com
  •  HaloInfinity.org
  • HaloInfinity.co.uk
  • HaloInfinity.mobi
  • HaloInfinity.de
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.net
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.org
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.co.uk
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.mobi
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.de

While it could be just Microsoft preventing “cyber-squatters” from sitting on its preferred domain names, a registration of this magnitude almost certainly means that the company has something big planned.

We’ll update the situation as more news arises.

Source: Fusible