Grasshopper Announces Killer is Dead

While Lollipop Chainsaw is yet to be released, it seems that Grasshopper is already hard at work on their new game.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu revealed that Grasshopper Manufacture’s next game will be called Killer is Dead. While the title might suggest it, it’s in no way related to the developer’s other game – Killer 7. 

The game will put the player in control of a condemned man and you have to kill assassin. Its gameplay is described as a mix between Killer 7 and No More Heroes; but the game will also have new elements that aren’t associated with past Grasshopper games.

Early looks at the game say that Killer is Dead will show a “dark side of James Bond” and it will even feature beautiful “Bond girls” in the game.

Killer is Dead is scheduled for release next year for the PS3 and Xbox 360.