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Rumor: Wii U Release Date Supposedly Outed by Japanese Retailer

Wii U
Here we go again with next-gen rumors, but this time, it’s something more tangible. Supposedly, the WIi U’s release date has been leaked by a Japanese retailer.

The supposed “leak,” which comes from WiiUDaily, states that they received an “internal email” that circulated among staff at a game store in Japan. This supposed memo reveals that the Wii U will be out in November 18 later this year. The date falls on a Sunday – which is the same day that the original Wii was released on.

The site claims that the “report” doesn’t mention whether the Nov. 18 launch date is an internal target date for Nintendo or if it’s an actual date that the company has committed to when it comes to the Wii U’s release.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor – and it could be a dubious one at that. While the actual day might be wrong, it wouldn’t surprise me if the release window is accurate.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will be out this year; and with the holiday season being the best time to release anything – due to buyers going bonkers on Christmas shopping -then, I’d say that’s the only time-frame Nintendo has to really make an impact sales-wise.