Apple Plans to Bring Physical Controller to iOS Platforms

Apple is supposedly working on an actual physical controller that can be used for its plethora of iOS devices.

The news, which came from AnandTech’s review of the iPad 3, states that they’ve been made aware of “an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market” – though their sources were unable to determine if Apple will actually push forth with this experiment.

In his review for the site, Anand Lal Shimpi feels that Apple might be feeling the pressure in this front from their closest rival Google and its Android devices. For those familiar with Android, it’s common news that the OS has dabbled in both wired and wireless controller inputs for Android-enabled devices since the release of Honeycomb 3.0.

Shimpi also states that an actual physical controller for iOS devices are quickly becoming more and more of a necessity – given that more people are using iPads, iPhones and its ilk as gaming devices and even their power is inching closer and closer to dedicated gaming handhelds.

Should Nintendo and Sony be worried if Apple does release a physical controller or will the market always have a need for dedicated gaming handhelds?

Source: AnandTech