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The Many Ways Mario Has Bit The Dust In 25+ Years

Arguably, the most famous virtual plumber (and perhaps the most well-known super-hero) in video games, Mario has had 25+ years of experience as a primary protagonist or some sort of an essential character.

Though we tend to remember the most jubilant times during his tenure, the bitter truth is that the Italian plumber has faced more difficulties than the most other well-known super-heroes.

In his 25 years, Mario has died in manners and ways that will make you question whether the reckless princess was actually worth trying to save every time (which we sort of know the answer to already).

Going all the way back to when his troubles started, Mario’s conventional method of dying in Donkey Kong was being squashed by a barrel (though the squashing animation was just him rolling around the axis of his belly). Then we saw some collision based deaths and a few miss-jumps to the finishing flag. But then things started getting really brutal…

From being sun burnt to being devoured by a black-hole, Mario’s cartoony life has been a living hell. But then again, the poor guy has died in some of the oddest fashions known to gamers. I mean, who dies from a kiss? No wonder Mario doesn’t get laid by the princess easily…

To sum up, all the methods of demises of Mario, a witty fellow on Youtube has created a chronological montage of some of the most well-known ways the plumber has bitten the dust.

Here goes 3 minutes of sadism:

And remember folks: as long as Mario is in his virtual service as a hero, there will always be new ways for him to die!

Thanks. MasterofHyrule