Journey is Now the Fastest-Selling PSN Game Ever

It seems thatgamecompany’s latest game – Journey – is successful in more ways than one. While the game is widely-recognized by critics as a compelling argument for games to be considered as art, it’s also worth noting that Journey is now the fastest-selling PSN title in history.

The news, which was revealed by studio co-founder Jenova Chen himself, states that Journey has surpassed all first and third-party games tp become the fastest-selling PSN title in Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) history.

While Sony or thatgamecompany didn’t divulge actual sales figures, they did post a rather nice piece of artwork on the blog itself. The artwork is meant as a token of appreciation and expresses the gratitude thatgamecompany has for their fans.

Hopefully, more and more people buy games like this so that developers will see that games don’t need to have guns to actually sell a lot.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog