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Square Enix’s Mystery Site Reveals Crystal Conquest

Remember last week when we reported that Square Enix had a mystery site that was teasing for a “secret game?” Well, the publisher has revealed said game and it’s not as big as you think.

The game that was being teased is Crystal Conquest. It will be a team-based versus side-scrolling action game in the vein of Treasure’s Guardian Heroes. The game will also four classes, and will be a 20 vs. 20 affair (12 on 12 for the alpha test) – oh, and it’s going to be a browser-based game.

Yeah, so that kind of dampens things a bit, no?

While the premise does look enticing, it’s quite sad to see that it won’t be a big-budget release for the major platforms. Nonetheless, is this something you’d be interested in?

Source: NeoGaf