Sleeping Dogs Trailer Wants You to Go Fast

Square Enix has just released another trailer for Sleeping Dogs, but this time it’s not about shooting people…yeah, there’s some of that too but the focus of the trailer is to show players what they can expect when they drive the swathe of vehicles the game has to offer.

There are cars, motorcycles and even boats to satisfy a person’s need for speed. You can do stunts, shoot off of cars and more within the game’s environments. There’s also going to be vehicle hi-jackings, illegal drag racing and other sort of shenanigans across the game’s 65 varieties of vehicular carnage.

Yep, Sleeping Dogs will try and “out-GTA” Rockstar’s game before GTA V ships – or at least, it’ll try to. Sleeping Dogs will be out this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.