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Update:Upcoming SimCity Will Require You to Always be Online (EA Clarifies)


UPDATE: EA has confirmed that people can continue playing even when their internet connection gets interrupted while playing – although they still need to use Origin. Thanks, GameSpy!)

Original Story:

EA’s upcoming SimCity reboot will constantly need an internet connection if you want to play it.

This news was shared by the game’s Lead Designer Stone Librande who stated that the reasoning for this was the game’s emphasis on multiplayer, regional impact and the use of a global economy that all players can influence.

What’s more, while SimCity can be bought at any other digital retailer, people still need to be online on EA’s Origin service for it to actually work. Sadly, the reasoning for this was not explained as of press time.

Are you okay with having Origin being a mandatory program for SimCity to function? Even so, I can imagine some people might be turned off by always having to be online just to play a game. Hopefully, this won’t be a precedent for all Origin games going forward.

SimCity will be out in an undisclosed date for PC on 2013.

Source: Joystiq