Mists of Pandaria Pet Class Guide – Abilities and Combat

Pet Battle System without any doubt, is one of the most intriguing aspects of Mists of Pandaria. You can pit in your pets with your friends for a duel and enjoy the battle just like a spectator. For the time being, there are seven different classes and each class has its unique abilities.

If you haven’t got anything on the pets that can be found in the Eastern Kingdom yet, then you should check this guide for their names and locations. Some of these pets are zone-specific while most can be found in any zone.

Obviously, it’s not only the appearance of a pet that matters; the ability of each pet is the real thing you need in the battle. So let’s not waste any time and dissect the abilities of each pet class so that you can start hunting for the most appropriate pet.

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Pet Class – Beast

Beasts have got some powerful melee attacks, which can stun the target and also increase the physical damage dealt.


  • Chomp – Your pet will attack the opponent with a strong bite (Power: 50 Accuracy: 100).
  • Leap – The leap attack can wound the enemy heavily (Power=50 Instant, +15 per turn, Accuracy=100 Instant, 35 periodic)
  • Poison Fang – The enemy can be poisoned for 3 turns. (Power = 35 Instant, 15 per round, Accuracy=100)
  • Roar – The roar will cause enemies to receive extra physical damage for 3 turns (Power=0, Accuracy=100)
  • Rushing Charge – Your pet will charge towards the enemy who can also be stunned (Power=50, Accuracy=80)
  • Slash – The ruthless claws are used to damage the enemy (Power=50, Accuracy=50)

Pet Class – Critter

This animal deals additional damage to humanoid companions and lesser damage to the Beast and the Flying companions.


  • Crouch – The body of the pet is lowered which actually reduces the damage taken for 3 turns (Power=0, Accuracy=100)
  • Deceit – A hideous cute act can deceit the enemy and deal damage for each buff on them (Power=N/A, Accuracy=100)
  • Prowl – The silent movement through the brush will deal twice as damage in the next attack (Power=35+15+Buffs, Accuracy=100)
  • Tackle – It’s a rush charge causing damage to the enemy (Power=30, Accuracy=100)
  • Stampede – The Stampede manages to cause considerable damage to the enemy. It can last between 1 and 3 turns (Power=75, Accuracy=70).

Pet Class – Dragon

Dragons use the AoE and targeted attacks quite effectively. They inflict more damage to the Flying companions while a little less damage against Water and Dragon companions.


  • Dragon’s Breath – The target is burnt in flames (Power=30, Accuracy=80)
  • Flame Spurt – A collective wave of flames that will cause certain damage to the enemy (Power=30, Accuracy=100)
  • Flame Thrower – The enemy burns in fire for two turns as the fire spreads across the perimeter (Power=15+35 per turn, Accuracy=100)
  • Pyroclasm – The attacks is somewhat similar to spurt can be more damaging than the former (Power=85, Accuracy=50)
  • Scorched Earth – The earth is burned with fire and if the enemy switches companions, they will take damage (Power=15 or 50, Accuracy=100)
  • Tail Sweep – The sweep of the tail inflicts some damage to the enemy (Power=35, Accuracy=100)

Pet Class – Flying

Most of the attacks have the probability for critical strikes. They deal more damage to the Mythical companions and lesser damage to the Flying companions.


  • Aerial Ram – The reckless ram attack can damage the opponent (Power=75 15 self, Accuracy=100)
  • Divebomb – The pet will go high into the air and then divebomb back to the target (Power=90, Accuracy=80)
  • Dust Devil – The flapping wings produce a dust devil to can be damaging for the opponent(Power=40, Accuracy=100)
  • Eagle Eye – The critical strike chance is increased for 3 turns (Accuracy=100)
  • Glancing Blow – It will take double damage if the user attacks first (Power=50, Accuracy=85)
  • Gust of Wind – The sharp winds deal damage to the enemy (Power=30, Accuracy=80).
  • Talon Strike – The divebomb is through the usage of talons. The critical strike probability is increased( Power=65, Accuracy=70)

Pet Class – Mechanical

They will deal more damage to Humanoid companions but relatively lesser damage to Mechanical and Water companions.


  • Beam Cannon – The targeted arcane beam may burn the and do some damage. (Power=35+50, Accuracy=100,50)
  • Bolt Shock – It’s a bolt attack that can hit the enemy and do some damage (Power=40, Accuracy=100)
  • Demolish – The body of the pet is charged to do extra damage (Power=85, Accuracy=50)
  • Drill Punch – The seedy attack can hit the enemy twice (Power=40, Accuracy=70)
  • Ion Cannon – The charged particle beam can have a devastating effect on the opponent (Power=90, Accuracy=50).
  • Sonic Boom – It launches a blast of sound energy at the enemy (Power=30, Accuracy=100)

Pet Class – Mystical

The Mystical pets deal extra damage to Dragons but lesser damage to Animal and Mechanical companions.


  • Mystic Powder – The target is affected by the mystical spores which then do a particular damage (Power=30, Accuracy=80).

Pet Class – Water

They deal more damage to Mechanical and Dragon companions but lesser damage to Water and Humanoid companions.


  • Acid Rain – The enemy is attacked by the acid rain from above (Power=20, Accuracy=100)
  • Pinch – The mighty claw can do the damage for up to 3 turns (Power=20, Accuracy=100)
  • Purify – The magical effect of the water can heal the wounds of the user (Power=50)
  • Rejuvenating Rain – The rain can heal the user or the allies on each turn. The effect can last up to 3 turns.
  • Snap – The pet can bit the opponent (Power:30, Accuracy=100)
  • Surge – It’s a fast wave attack (Power=65, Accuracy=70)

Pet Class – Animal

Currently, we don’t have any abilities or specifics for this class. We will update it once we have more information on it.

Mists of Pandaria – Pet Battle Commands

Battle Pet Trainer – It allows you to train and battle pets.
Cancel – You will return to your current pet.
Fully Weaponized Mechanical Companion – You can summon a weaponized companion.
Swap Pets – You can change your current battle pet with the other one.
Turn Entered – It applies to the player when they have entered a turn.
Your Turn – It will be applied to the player when the pet is ready for a turn.

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