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Gearbox: Wii U Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is the Definitive Version

Randy Pitchford, boss of Gearbox Software thinks that the Wii U version of their upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the best version out of the lot.

In an interview with Verge, Pitchford states that the Wii U’s tablet controller can offer “so much more” in terms of a new interface.

The Wii U version has so much more to offer … no other platform can do what the Wii U can do. If you love [Xbox] 360 games, you are not used to being in a world where you have this new interface. But once you get used to that, you imagine the possibilities; there are some opportunities that are just not possible on any platform that does not have that device.”

Furthermore, while Pitchford can’t go into details as to how the Wii U tablet will work with the game, he does hint that it might evoke certain marquee moments from the film which the game’s based on.

“I don’t want to give spoilers away on some of things we are thinking of or things we have actually implemented already but a lot of cool opportunities with that device that are going to make a very unique and compelling experience on that platform. We have given a lot of attention. I think it will not be too long [before] Nintendo opens up their kimono a little bit more about that platform and where it is going, we will be there right with them talking about how Aliens is using it.

I find this rather interesting, no? Hopefully Gearbox can implement the Wii U’s tablet controller into more than just a gimmick. I mean, it’s easy to use it to display the character’s health or ammo counter but if they can do something more than that? Well, that should certainly make a few people start talking about the Wii U itself.

One more thing, Pitchford also revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will include competitive multiplayer, and that they’ll be showing this off at PAX East which will take place on April 6-8 in Boston.

To read the entire interview where Pitchford also talks about the studio’s other franchises, click here.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be out this year at a still undisclosed date for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U

Source: The Verge