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World of Mercenaries, A New F2P FPS By City Interactive

World of Mercenaries
Something more to cheer up for the FPS fans as City Interactive (developer behind Sniper: Ghost Warrior) has announced a new free-to-play game for PC. They are calling it “World of Mercenaries,” and it utilizes Unreal Engine 3 to deliver real-time shooting action.

Currently, we don’t have any other information on the game but City Interactive has assured that it will be “a skill based competitive FPS with stunning graphics, fluid controls, customisable weapons and focus on teamwork.” A closed beta, however, is expected to be launched soon.

Our closed beta program will be an integral part of the development process for World of Mercenaries, as it is our goal to deliver a game made by, for and with FPS fans

We are shaping the future of competitive FPS, and are fully confident it will be achieved with the enthusiasm and help of our beta testers

Having played Ghost Warrior, I am pretty sure, It won’t be that easy, If you know what I mean!