Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Guide

Character creation is one of the most exciting features in any RPG. Your attempt to play someone you envy in real-life always yields interesting results. Realizing this need, developers try to diversify the character creation system as much as they can.

Guild Wars 2 is no different, and the character creation system introduced in the second round of beta is like an oceanic abyss with a variety of options to choose from.

To help you build a perfect character, this guide will provide you the information about different options and tools you have to customize the look and feel of your character.

1. Select Your Race
The first part of the character creation will be to select a particular race. Charr, Human, Norn, Sylvari or Asura are the races you can choose from.

2. Gender and Profession
After you have selected your race, you will be asked to choose the gender (the obvious thing). After that, you will be asked to select your profession.

You need to select one out of all eight available professions. You can read our Professions Guide for more insight on professions in Guild Wars 2.

3. Appearance
This section will require you to shape your character. How should your character look like? There must be some imagination picture in your mind, right? You can use the available tools in this section to customize as much as you can. Choose the Head, Facial and body attributes from the variety of available options.

You can also dress your character in a custom manner. Choose the outfit you like and fill with it with the colour you like the most. Each section of the outfit can be shaded with 3 colours and you have 21 colours to choose from for each choice.

4. Character Choices
In the final section of the character creation process, you will have to make some choices for your character that will not only define the past story of your character but will also have the influence on the future events.

The first choice will be about the “Class” you want to play with. There are total eight classes to choose from. Read our guide to get more information on the classes.

After that, you will be asked to choose a personality for your character. It is universal for most of the races. The next option will ask you to select your background you come from.

In the next section, you will be asked about one of your biggest regrets. Choose the one you like. After that, you will be asked about your speciality. Again, choose the one you think suites your character.

After entering your character’s name and confirmation, a cinematic will play showing the history (background) of your character. Of course, with different options, you can see a different history cinematic.