BioShock Infinite’s “Siren” Will Make You Cover Your Ears

In the latest entry in Irrational Games’ “Heavy Hitters’ video series, this time time they’re introducing the Siren – an enemy with the power to raise fallen enemies to fight with you once more.

Yeah, that looks and sounds as creepy as you might think! While the Siren’s appearance in the video is very quick, its impact isn’t lessened at all. On the contrary, the Siren’s high-pitched “singing” is something I’m already dreading to experience once I play the game.

Catch what I’m talking about by watching the trailer which is embedded below.

So, now that we know the Sirens can bring back dead enemies, would it be better to kill her first before her undead mob attacks your or would you rather take care of all her minions and then lay waste to her one-on-one?