Ninja Gaiden 3 Techniques and Combos Guide

There are several techniques related achievements in Ninja Gaiden 3 that you can miss in the story-mode. To get all these achievements, you are required to execute ninja techniques and combos. You will learn some of these techniques in the story, while for some, you will have to play multiplayer.

For more help, you can read Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Strategy Guide. If you are looking forward to getting all the techniques-related achievements, continue reading!

Falcon Dive
Learn the Falcon Dive

How to Get Falcon Dive Achievement
This is an easy achievement and can’t be missed in the story mode. You will get it when you dive from any high vantage point. In multiplayer, you will unlock it once you reach level 11.

Learn How to Slide

How to Slide
You can slide Ryu by pressing LT+LS together. Since it’s part of the story mode, you can’t miss it.

Kunai Climb
Learn the Kunai Climb

How To Kunai Climb
You can perform the Kunai Climb move by running towards a solid wall and after that press RT+LT together. You will after that have to press and release the trigger button alternatively.

Wall Run
Learn the Wall Rub

How To Wall Run
For Wall run, run towards a solid wall at a specific angle. You will move across the wall for few steps and then drop on the ground at the end.

Flying Bird Flip
Learn the Flying Bird Flip

How To Do Flying Bird Flip
Run up a wall having another parallel wall alongside. On pressing the ‘R’ button subsequently, you can get to walls nearby.

Rope Crossing
Learn how to cross a rope.

How To Cross a Rope
The move is similar to that of Kunai climb. When you get to the rope, press LT+RT together to jump onto the rope and after that press the alternate buttons to maintain the balance. To get off the rope, hold the buttons and after that press ‘R’ key.

Izuna Drop
Learn the Izuna Drop

How To Do Izuna Drop
If you have been following the Ninja Gaiden series, after that you would know about this Signature move of Ryu. In the story mode, first hit XYXXXY + LS and afterwards press YXXXY in sequence to execute this move.

Ultimate Technique
Learn the Ultimate Technique

How To Do Ultimate Technique
When Ryu’s arm glows red in the story mode. Just press and hold Y key until he launches his ultimate technique.

Perform a Betrayal

How To Perform Betrayal
This is a multiplayer specific achievement. You can betray your team when you get the message by stabbing a teammate (LS+Y together). The team you leave will be tasked to kill you while your new team will be assigned the task to protect you.

Perform a Ghost Kill

How To Perform a Ghost Kill
This multiplayer achievement can be attained after you reach level 4. When you get this ability, walk slowly (it will make you invisible) and then press Y to perform a lung attack on the opponent.

An Honourable Death
Perform Harakiri

How To Perform Harakiri
You can get this achievement once you have reached level 26 in multiplayer. After you earn this ability, you can use it while you are near death.

When you are walking slow with one hand on your stomach, this is the symbol of lowest health. You will be prompted to press B key, and if you managed it, you will earn the achievement.