Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Strategy Guide

Boss Fights in Ninja Gaiden 3 is one of the few interesting sections in the game. You will come across a variety of bosses who may require you to use unique strategies at different points.

The repeated sequences are common in each fight so if you get the basic strategy right, they won’t be a big problem for you, but if you are stuck at any boss fight and can’t figure out a way to deal with it, then we are here to help you out with our Ninja Gaiden 3 boss strategy guide.

Steel Spider
Only one sword and a giant robot to take down? It sounds tough, but it is easier than it looks. You first need to take the out the legs so that you can expose the generator core.

The attacks you should look forward to dodging include the AoE Electric field pulse and the launcher mounted on the top. Keep an eye on it to predict the onset of these attacks.

Patience of course, is quite important here as you may get greedy to execute more attacks than you can in a single go. Once the generator is exposed, latch onto it and execute the final blow. Overall, it’s just the hit and dodge strategy, which should work for you.

Regent of the Mask
Since he is a ninja just like you, he won’t go down just like that. You will have to do a lot of sliding to dodge his attacks.

Luckily, his attack patterns are quite predictable, which will give you some breathing space. Don’t be too rushy as you can’t lay multiple strikes in a single go without taking any damage.

Conserve your power and wait for the right opportunity to attack. Watch out when his body glows red as it’s the symbol of his charging slice attack/unblockable combo. Both can be lethal for you, especially when you are playing on higher difficulties.

IDE-1011 Manta Helicopter
Man vs machine can get annoying, and this battle is one such example. The chopper will attack you through its launchers and the turret which obviously, you can dodge by sliding away at the right moment.

You can use the arrows to target the flanking launchers. Don’t bother what the lady says as she is going to repeat the same statement repeatedly.

After you have destroyed the launchers using your arrows, you will latch onto the chopper (don’t forget to press the pop-up buttons) where you will have to deal with the sentry gun. Just dodge the attacks until it gets overheated. You will have your chance then to do the damage.

Just when you think that the battle is over, you will find out that you are back on the same roof, and the sequence will be repeated. You will have to do it three times before you can take down the chopper.

This time, it’s a nasty dino who will attack you like a mad bull. Dodge the charged runs and when it falls on the ground, you will have the opportunity to lash a few hits.

Watch out for the tail-swing attack when it gets back up on its feet. Soon, its body will be transformed into a metal. Well, just to scare you a bit.

You can stick to the same strategy but this time; you should target the face of the animal. After running and slashing of 5-7 minutes, you will finally be able to bring the beast down. Victory!

Regent of the Mask
The scary Ninja is back for the revenge. The fight is almost the same as the previous one but this time; his attacks will be more damaging and offensive.

By now, you too would be skillful enough (yes you will be) to deal with the masked man again. If you still can’t manage to deal with him, let me know in the comments, and I will try to help you out.

Prototype Goddess “Lovelace”
The prototype will start with her normal arms. You should try to stay close to avoid the projectiles. Dodge her rushy attacks and strike when you get the opportunity.

She will soon switch her to the tentacles and will puke acid from them. Try to stay away from that green liquid. Her attacks will diversify a bit at the end of the fight so make sure you dodge every time she pounces on you. Again, patience is a hidden weapon you can use to win this fight.

Instead of getting confused that whether it’s a female or a tree (it’s a hybrid apparently), you should focus on the glowing cores.

Things will be annoying as other enemies will spawn to divert your attention. While you are busy with the dominions, she won’t stay quiet and attack you with her other hand. So stay sharp to dodge the swipe.

Later in the fight, you will have to look out for the surprise projectile attacks. When she is protected with a shield, hit her side tentacles to remove the effect and then finish her off with your final blows. And don’t forget to mash the on-screen buttons.

What the hell? A replica of Ryu? You will have to fight him in any case. You can win the fight with the same-old slice-dodge and hit strategy, but you need to make the timing perfect. In his secondary form, he will gain access to different ranged weapons.

Red of course is an alarming sign so try to roll away as soon as possible whenever he starts glowing red. You can’t do much about the weapons except dodging them at the right moment and then hit him on the counter.

LOA Chairman Walking Form
The Dino is back but this time it’s a giant robot. He carries a flamethrower in one hand while the electric force attack in the other.

You need to dodge the flamethrower and the launchers as quickly as you can. When he hits his hand the ground, you will have your chance to strike. His movements aren’t that fast, so if you stay on the move, you can stay safe.

After some time, the boss will be transformed into a flying from. You should try to stay away from its marked landing areas for bombs. The landing missile is another big issue you need to deal with.

Its Laser attacks aren’t much of a trouble as you can dodge them by just walking in between the gaps. You can do the damage by shooting arrows whenever you can get the chance.

In the third phase of the fight, the boss will transform into a vehicle with big wheels. You should target the wheels and dodge the charged attacks. When it opens the mouth for the laser attack, slide under the machine and then perform the finishing move to wrap up the battle.

Regent of the Mask
This guy just doesn’t give up. The masked man will be back again but there is nothing new about him. Use the same-old strategy to bring him down yet again.

The 4 armed mutant can cause a lot of problems if you don’t dodge his attacks. He will chain combo attacks so wait until they are finished, and then you will have your chance to lay a few hits.

You should also watch out for his AoE attack, which is marked by the circle on the ground. Quickly move out of range before it strikes.

When you have done sufficient damage, he will start flying around and hit you with the projectiles. Dodge the attacks and when you shoot him with the first arrow, he will snatch away your bow. What now? Small enemies will emerge from the crystal pods.

Fight them off until your gauge gets filled. You can then use the ultimate attack to bring down the flying rascal. The fight most probably will now just be a QTE to his death. If that doesn’t happen, you will have to hit a few more times before you can start the concluding section of the fight.

Regent of the Mask
I didn’t develop the game, and yes; he is back again. This is the last time you will fight him. Take a deep breath and finish him off using the same strategy.

Get ready for the ultimate boss fight. The battle will start with a QTE needing you to press the prompted buttons. After the QTE is over, you need to dodge her projectiles and the physical slams on the ground.

She will do a lot more than just screaming so keep your focus intact. You will have to fight with the other weak spawning forces to build up your Ninpo gauge. You can then execute the special move that will lead to another QTE.

After you are back on the same platform, things won’t change much except you might feel that the goddess has gone a bit more aggressive. Repeat the same strategy until you get the final QTE to end the game.

Don’t agree with us? Tell us your strategy in the comments below!