Angry Birds Space Guide – Birds Types, Tips and Strategy

Angry Birds Space hit the mobile gaming world recently, and like its predecessors, it has created cosmological hype.

Yep, the game is set in space, and though the weirdly awesome shaped birds remain the good-guys and the body-less green pigs the enemies, the game introduces entirely new levels and an exciting new space mechanic.

But that’s not all – our good ol’ birds are also getting transformations. Actually, some are getting new makeovers, while a couple of them are complete new additions.

In this guide we’ll go over the birdies of the game alongside their abilities and strategy to use them.

First up is the rather familiar Ca-Caw!

It’s fat, it’s round, it’s groovy. This is the standard red bird from the original Angry Birds. It has a bit of a makeover as it has cool glowing eyes with extended brow ridges.

This bird has no real special ability, and has moderate damage. However, it is fairly reliable in-terms of accuracy and is decent against wooden obstacles and unprotected pigs.

People, meet the three blue tiny triplets Bip, Bap, and Bop. Yeah, these are those boys you’ve been tossing around in previous Angry Birds games to do some collateral damage.

They originally appear as one unit when housed in the catapult, but when the screen is tapped the divide into two. They’re damage and accuracy are relatively low, but they can really do some decent collateral damage, particularly when it comes to destroying ice structures and weak asteroid walls.

Name says it all. These big bad boys are the personal favorites of many. These are the fat, bomb-shaped birds that can be either exploded manually or allowed to explode themselves a few seconds after impact.

The Ka-Boom bird is just as awesome as it ever was, doing massive amounts of damage, and is great for just about any type of structure.

What makes these birds even cooler in space is their explosions can push asteroids into the gravitational field of rocks, hence crushing its oinking inhabitants.

Oh boy, talk about familiarity with Cyclops from X-Men. These are enhanced forms of those reliable yellow bullet birds from the previous Angry Birds games. However, Zzzts operate slightly differently.

Instead of tapping to make them accelerate, you can tap anywhere on the screen to make them target that area. These birds are great if you wish to hit the green squealers from steep angles, so make sure to utilize that.

This is a complete new addition in the arsenal of bird weaponry. The cube shaped bird will freeze any structure that it has impact with. Though it’s not heavily damaging on its own, the bird’s usefulness in taking out hard structures really shows when used in conjunction with BipBapBop.

Use Froshh to freeze tough structures, and then use BipBapBop (which are great against ice) to do some massive toppling. And then yell ‘timber!’ just for the fun of it.

He’s cool, he’s fat, and he’s BIG. This is the replacement for the giant big bird from the original Angry Birds. The only noticeable difference is that it’s green.

Special ability? Are you kidding me? This bird’s size is its special ability. It has some crazily amazing destructive power. Launch it in the middle of any structure and watch it tumble.

Special Eagle
The Special Eagle isn’t a formal bird weapon on its own; it’s more like a special ability of sort. This is a special bird that can only be used if you have tokens. You earn three tokens for free, then you can either earn more for defeating boss characters, or you can buy more tokens through in-app purchases.

The Special Eagle isn’t launched from the catapult. Instead, when you use the token, you launch a can of sardines. Wherever the sardines hit, it will create a black hole in that area. The Space Eagle will appear from the black hole, destroying everything in its path. Sweet.

Additional Special Eagle tokens can be bought. The price and amount of tokens are listed below:

  • 20 tokens – $0.99
  • 80 tokens – $2.99
  • 280 tokens – $7.99
  • 980 tokens – $19.99

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