Square Enix Opens Teaser Site for a “Secret Game” Due in Summer 2012

Square Enix has just opened a teaser site for a “secret title” that’s due for summer of this year. While the trailer on the site does show a few things, it’s not concrete enough to make an educated guess.

The trailer show meteors falling from the sky, a crystal on the center of the screen and what seems to be concept art for the game’s characters. There’s also a little nugget tucked in there, as all the words that appear on the trailer are in Japanese, but there is a word there shown in the middle of the video with the word “ordeal” written vertically.

While the site doesn’t reveal much. the folks over at NeoGaf found the “crystalconquest.jp” in the site’s source code; and Square Enix does own the domain for said name, so I guess this “secret title” isn’t that much of a secret, no? While that’s not an outright assumption that the guess is correct, the probability for it is good.

The site also shows a countdown timer that’s now sitting on 161 hours left and counting. So, I guess the wait for something official won’t be long now, no?

Source: NeoGaf