Mists of Pandaria Beta Enchants – Everything You Need To Know!

The much-awaited expansion for World of Warcraft has finally entered its beta phase, and the web is already buzzing a lot about the changes being introduced into the expansion named “Mists of Pandaria”.

If you are curious to know about the featured enchants, the following article will do just that for you. This is the initial list of Enchants; Blizzard may introduce more elements over time before the complete release.

WoW: Mists of Pandaria Enchants

Enchanted Weapon Pandamonium
It will allow you to enchant a level 92 weapon to give you 1,000 attack power for 12 seconds (occasionally).

Enchanted Weapon Windsong
The Windsong will allow you to enchant a melee weapon that can increase your critical strike, haste or mastery by 1,500 for 12-second duration. You need to have a level 384 or above item for this one.

Enchanted Weapon Jade Spirit
It enchants a melee weapon that can occasionally enhance intellect by 1.500 while casting or dealing damage with spells.

If you use it when your mana is below 25%, then you will also get a 750 boost in your spirit. Like the Windsong, you are going to need a level 348 item or higher.

Enchanted Weapon Elemental
The enchanted melee weapon occasionally can inflict 3,000 extra damage while you are being hit by the spells or melee attacks. Again, you will need a 384 or higher item for this enchant to work.

Enchanted Weapon Dancing Steel
Using the Dancing Steel, by chance, you can get 1,650 boost in your agility and strength while receiving melee attacks.

Enchanted Weapon Colossus
Occasionally, this enchant will make your melee strikes to activate a Mogu spell which can absorb 7,000 damage for you. You will need a level 384 or higher item to use the Colossus.

Enchanted Weapon Flowing River
Your dodge rating can get an increment of 1,650 for 12 seconds while you are dealing with melee damage. A level 384 or higher item is the requirement.

Source: WoWDB