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Escape Plan Warning Signs Locations Guide

To unlock the A Cautionary Tale trophy in Escape Plan, you need to collect all 30 warning signs scattered in different levels of the game.

Whenever you come across these warning signs, tap the screen to collect them. If you can’t find them, read our guide below!

Prison Section 1

Sheepish (Tap That)
At the top left corner of the stage, there are a number of cages, search those cages.

Shafted (Mind the gap)
The upper center of the level, above the gears is an arrow pointing upwards.

Fly Swatter (Fly By)
When the fly swatter comes down after you run, look at the back of it.

Laarg Recycle (Kiln Me Softly)
When you have pushed laarg on the conveyor belt, you can tap this behind the cage of Laarg.

Lights Out Level (Brickin’ It)
Search the wall which is on the left side of the conveyor belt, it’s above it.

Private Section 2

Shocking (The Grey Mile)
The door which you knock down to surpass the electricity, center of the level.

Lil Recycle (Break on Through)
The lower part of the stage – there is a box which can be pushed with the black screen, search behind the box.

Soft Landing (Make Your Bed)
Behind the bed, you land on.

Factory Section 1

Bloated (Suck on this)
The top right corner of the level.

Melted (Weight to die)
When you’re standing on the floor button, you will see this on the 4th barrel which passes over your head.

Squeezed (Tilt me baby)
It’s next to the wench of the high level on the left side.

Fan-see-fall (Smoking Kills)
The left of the first barrel, under Laarg.

Factory Section 2

My Minion (Fall Guys)
You will have to push some barrels after you break through the wall, if you push the third barrel to the front. You will see it.

Flatulence (Gag Pipes)
Top of the screen, turn on the fan and let all the gases go through. You will see it behind the fan.

Steamy Pipes (Easy Does It)
It’s on the Ground floor. Search the upper left corner of the right-side room.

Sheep Thief (Falling for you)
Go beneath a level from the starting one, and you can see it behind the droppable sack.

Top Spike (Final Elevation)
Take the elevator to its peak, it’s at the lower part of the beam that pushes the lift upwards.

Spiked (Pop Top)
The left side of the level which is under the barrel (middle one).

Dump Section 1

Walk it off (Body Bag)
The lower right corner, above the conveyor belt.

Hammer Time (Him See Hammer)
After the big hammer drops, you’ll see behind it.

Bubbly (Bubble Butt)
The lower-middle, next to the bubble generating machine.

Tears for Gears (Bubble and Sqeak)
The gear which is hanging on the ceiling, the right-most.

Popped (La Vie En Rose)
The lower part of spikes, left side.

Quick Sand (One for my homies)
The upper-right corner of the stage.

Workshop Section 1

Double Your Tesla (Hot Coffee)
Upper-right corner of the stage.

Escape (Deep Fried)
The rocket which passes in the background.

Clawed (Beware the Claw!)
Upper left corner, it’s on the claw.

Blockhead (Made from Girders)
It is behind the pole of the platform which is in the lower center of the stage; you will have to move the camera to see it.

Workshop Section 2

Rocket (Rocket Man)
When you’re going upwards, almost half your way up… you will see it behind a black screen that falls down.

Can’t find it? Comment and we will help you out!