Capcom, Namco Bandai and SEGA Teasing New Crossover Game

Now that Capcom X Tekken is out the door it looks like Capcom is gearing up for another crossover game and this time they’re bringing another player on-board.

The new player that’s joining the fray is SEGA, the company who was once known as the chief console competitor against Nintendo. Aside from this little tidbit, not much else is known. We have no idea if this is for a new fighting game, a new mech sim or just a Pachinko game that’s going to be featuring characters from the various studios involved.

It’s quite hard not to get excited by this bit of news, especially considering the wealth of SEGA’s established (or once established) franchises mixing it up with the likes of Ryu, Megaman, Pacman, Heihachi, etc. Can you imagine Sonic appearing alongside Megaman? What about the guys from Altered Beast or Streets of Rage mixing it up with Kazuya? Yeah, the possibilities are endless…let’s just hope the official announcement

The tease, which can be seen here (currently down), reveals an image of the three publishers’ logos in petri dishes; and astute readers from popular gaming forum NeoGaf has given educated guesses to the “X’s” proliferating said dishes.

Keep in mind that these are just guesses but they do seem plausible, no? In any case, we’ll report more news on this as it develops.

Source & Image Credit: NeoGaf