Sony on God of War Going to iOS: “There’s Reason to Talk About it”

God of War is arguably one of Sony’s biggest and most lucrative IPs, but could it appear on other platforms – specifically, iOS devices? During an interview with Sony Santa Monica Senior Director of Product Development Shannon Studstill, she admitted that they are looking into ventures well beyond the PlayStation’s brand name.

When asked if they were considering making a God of War game for Apple’s hugely-popular App Store and iOS devices, she had this to say:

I think with the way the industry’s playing that dysfunctional passive aggressive type of mentality, we as a company and we as an industry constantly have to look at all opportunities. It doesn’t mean we’ll go there, but there’s certainly reason to talk about it.

Before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that doesn’t mean they will be doing it, it’s just that they might have discussed or are actively discussing this scenario. While this might be unprecedented for a company to bring one of its biggest franchises to another platform, it’s also worth noting that this isn’t something foreign for Sony; the company did release God of War: Betrayal on mobile devices back in 2007,

Would you jump at the chance to play Kratos’ next adventure on your iPad? Come to think of it, can it even work? God of War is one of the most controller-focused games around and I shudder to think how I’ll be able to do all those combat moves with touchscreen commands.

Source: IGN