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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Weapons Guide

It’s obvious that you can’t face the viral apocalypse without weapons, and the developers have made sure that you get a variety of them in Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City.

Just like any other shooting game, the weapons featured in the Raccoon City include the Assault Rifles, SMGs, MGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and the Hand Guns.

You will gather experience points over time, which can be used for various upgrades. Now, if you are seeking any guidance about the weapons in the Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, the following guide will serve your cause.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Assault Rifles

These guns are quite effective for mid to long-range shooting.

Burst Rifle
This semi-automatic assault rifle can be used if different situations and is quite useful with a medium-range scope.

The Suppressed Rifle
You will use this weapon for covert operations to keep your presence hidden. The suppressor actually reduces the sound and the flash produced by the weapon so that the enemy cannot spot you easily.

The assault is relatively higher stopping power (damage) than the other weapons in the same category. If you have this weapon, you can kill more enemies with lesser trouble.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City Side Machine Guns

SMGs can be the ideal guns for the close quarters’ combat but at long range, their stopping power reduces drastically. They are lighter than the assault rifles though so you can use them effectively when moving through buildings or other small in door structures.

Tactical SMG
It’s the most famous SMG used in the military. The gun comes with a laser sight that can help you in picking up the targets.

Mini SMG
Just like the Uzi, this SMG has a very high fire rate. Targets at a short range can be picked up easily but at distance, it will take ages to kill an enemy with this gun.

Advanced SMG
They called it the Advanced SMG as this gun supposedly, is a mixture of better fire rate and stopping power. Although the gun may feel unsatisfying, but once you get used to it, you will have a great time with it.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Machine Guns

Fire as many bullets as you can is the message that hits your mind once you get hold of a machine gun. The sad part is that in Raccoon City, these weapons generally aren’t mobile, i.e. you will have to use them as mounted or from a prepared position.

In either case, you can bring havoc to the infected with these weapons.

Light Machine Gun
It’s a portable machine gun which can be used effectively for picking up targets at both short and long range. The weapon uses the same ammo as that of the traditional M4-Carbine.

Medium Machine Guns
These are the typical mounted machine guns you will come across in Raccoon City. If you are in control of this weapon, the infected most probably will be swarming in the area.

Heavy Machine Gun
They call it heavy for a reason. The weapon is heavy enough that you will use it as a mounted gun and has more piercing capacity than any other weapon in the category.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Shotguns

Everyone likes a shotgun, right? The feel of slaughtering the infected (or zombies) with a shotgun just feels great.

These weapons, however, are useful, mostly at a short range. At a long range, you will have to switch your assault rifle or may be an SMG.

Assault Shotgun
The weapon is a semi-automatic, gas operated short gun that can be quite effective in close quarter combats or especially when you are overran by the enemy.

Riot Gun
The concept is quite similar to that of an Assault Shotgun, but these weapons have higher fire rate than the former.

The Juggernaut is a fully-automatic shotgun with 10 rounds in each magazine. It’s high stopping power won’t show any mercy to your enemy.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Sniper Rifles

Snipers are usually the one-shot one-kill weapons, and they have the longest range than any other category. You open the scope, take a kill and then move to the next one.

Sniper Rifles have their short comings though like they are practically useless at short range, and their low fire rate and high reloading time can be annoying. If you are patient enough, you sure can have fun with these weapons.

Semi Auto Rifle
This weapon is somewhat a mix of sniper and assault rifle categories. You get a descent fire rate for shooting enemies at a long range.

Precision Rifle
A typical sniper rifle that can be used to take out enemies with a single bullet from distance. At a short range, the length and the scope of the weapon will do no good for you.

The semi-automatic rifle is fitted with a bipod and a scope. The weapon is quite effective for bench-rest shooting.

Arbiter is a fun to use a weapon as long as you are out of sight but at a short range, you won’t be surviving for too long with this weapon.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Hand Guns

Hand guns serve the purpose of the backup weapons. If you run out of bullets in your primary weapon, you can switch to your hand gun and take out a few enemies before you get the chance to reload your primary weapon.

UBCS Standard Issue
The weapon can be an effective side arm if you target the upper parts of the body. You can use it at medium range, but the weapon is good at short-range encounters.

Lightening Hawk
This gas operated handgun has a higher stopping power than the standard issue.

Samurai Edge (Beretta 92F Custom)
This typical custom-made handgun (created for S.T.A.R.S) lies in between the other weapons in the category.

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