Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapons Guide

If you own a 3DS, then Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game you should be looking forward to. The much-anticipated fantasy based adventure in Uprising will be accompanied by a variety of weapons.

And it will be really helpful if you familiarize yourself with these weapons so that you can get maximum out of them.

Following guide will give you a brief overview of the weapon types you can play with in the game so that you enter the adventurous world of Uprising without any confusion.

Blades are the first weapon you will come across in Kid Icarus: Uprising. You can use these blades both at a short as well long range. Spice them with guns to get a tactical advantage in the game.

Our protagonist in the Kid Icarus series like to play with bows so you won’t miss them in uprising. The weapon is great for distant shooting as its ranged attack has now been improved.

Arms can be used to chain high damaging combos when you get up close and personal to the enemy. Apparently, you may find them as weak tools at distance but their charged attacks can compensate for the apparent shortcoming. In comparison to clubs, Arms won’t slow down your movement.

Cannons can fire explosive ammo that can do damage to a specific area (range). If you like to shoot enemies from distance, then cannons should be your weapons of choice.

You can use claws to execute melee attacks on your opponent. They are light weight, which increases Pit’s agility and helps in getting close to the enemy faster for close-combat.

Clubs are the massive melee structures you can use to bring havoc to the enemies. They are quite damaging at close range, but you can use the charged attack to bring down the distant enemies. They have one shortcoming, which is that the Clubs will slow you down, to some extent.

You can call it a sniper in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The weapon is great at distance but if enemies get close to you, you are doomed.

You can fire a stream of projectiles at the enemy which can be an effective tool for medium to long range combat. Longer is the distance, more damaging the Orbitar will be, and you can hit multiple enemies at a time with these magical bullets.

Palms are the most colour enriched weapons in the game. Pit can generate them at his hand like a magician, and after that you can shoot them at enemies. If you don’t like aiming much, then palms can be helpful as they cover a larger area than most of the other weapons.

These were the major types of weapons you will come across in the upcoming iteration of Kid Icarus series. Which one are you going to use when the game gets released?