Hideo Kojima: I’ll be Making Games Until the Day I Die

Hideo Kojima has been making games for a very long time – how long? His first game, which was simply titled “Metal Gear” was released waaaay back in 1987 for the MSX, and this year marks the franchise’s 25th year anniversary.

During Kojima’s  Q&A session at the Smithsonian’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit, he commented on what the next 25 years might and for how long he’ll be making games.

I can say if I’m not dead by that time, I will still be making games. I don’t have any intention to retire, so until the day I die, I will be making games

Kojima also mentioned that while he loves the Metal Gear franchise, he doesn’t necessarily want his name and legacy to be remembered for just that.

I don’t have any problem with Kojima Productions being equated with Metal Gear,But I don’t like, necessarily, that people think that my name equals Metal Gear. Of course, I’ve worked on Metal Gear up to now, and I love Metal Gear. but as a creator, I want to work on new projects and create new games.

I want to do new, creative things — things no one has done before. So even if I keep on producing Metal Gear, from now on, I want to have something else that I can do apart from Metal Gear. Something that pushes the boundaries, something that may not even sell, but something that’s new.

Hopefully, Konami will give Kojima more room to breathe creatively, but then again, I shudder to think what fans will say when they find out an actual Metal Gear game is being developed with Kojima at the helm.

Here’s to another 25 years, Kojima, and many more masterpieces from you!

Source: Shacknews