Far Cry 3 Dr. Earnhardt Trailer Redefines Insanity

The first word that comes to my mind every time I learn something new about Far Cry 3 is ‘crazy’; the following two words are ‘must play’.

Far Cry 3 seems to be more than just your everyday first-person shooter, taking insanity to a whole new level. But what good is insanity when not accompanied by a bit of dope?

Well, to provide you with some ‘happy times’, there’s a rather eccentric doctor you get to visit often in the game, and a new trailer showing the ‘good stuff’ he has to offer has been released.

Meet Dr. Earnhardt, more or less just as psychotic as everyone else we’ve come across in the game, but a little on the non-hostile side (totally ignoring the fact that he’s encouraging you to get high).

That, accompanied with some fair bit of shooting and stabbing is what makes up a pretty cool though spoiler free trailer.

See the game out on September 4 (North America) and September 6 (Europe) for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.