Tabloid Claims Terrorists are Using Call of Duty to Plot Attacks

Hold on to your seats, folks, as this might get a little weird. Tabloid rag The Sun is claiming that with cops and other government agencies monitoring phone calls, emails and whatnot, terrorists are using their PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s to converse privately.

The site then details how FPS’  have in-game lobbies and how terrorists are using a Bluetooth headset to speak securely in private lobbies. The chief culprit it points out is the Call of Duty franchise but it also notes that it’s also suspected that terrorists are using the Medal of Honor and Halo series, too.

The Sun’s “source” also shared this:

It’s a terrifying reality. These people waste no time finding a secure method of chatting.

They are logging into group games over the internet and discussing terror plots. Security people know about it…For millions who love these games this will be a huge shock.

To think fanatics use them for their own ends is a real worry.he

These “sources” also claim that plotters choose realistic war games so they can ” mask their deadly discussions as harmless web chat.”

While videogames and its ilk have long been used for other means aside from enjoyment (training aids, etc), I highly doubt that terrorists really log into Call of Duty everyday just to, y’know, converse and think that their in-game skills will help them in their real-world nefarious affairs.

Hopefully, people don’t automatically jump to conclusions and believe everything they read. If so, they might also believe that these so-called “terrorists” are the ones gobbling up the Call of Duty games year after year, no?

In any case, keep an ear out for the next time you play an FPS online…you never know, you might be discussing tactics with an actual terrorist! (Yes, I was being sarcastic).