Rumor: Crystal Dynamics Doing a Reboot of the Legacy of Kain Franchise

It looks like another franchise might be resurrected from the dead again, if VG247’s sources are to be believed.┬áThe site claims it has it on “good authority” that Crystal Dynamics is hard at work on a full reboot of the vampire franchise, Legacy of Kain.

Aside from this news, details has been scarce. It’s still up in the air whether the game’s protagonist will be Kain himself, or Soul Reaver’s Raziel. The game’s purported reveal was supposed to be at this year’s upcoming E3, which makes a ton of sense as most developers/publishers “reserve” their big announcements at the show to generate the most hype.

The game’s first installment called Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, was developed by Silicon Knights and was released way back in 1996 on the PlayStation 1. If the rumors are true, then this reboot will be handled by Crystal Dynamics, who themselves are developing a reboot based on the Tomb Raider franchise which is set to be out later this year.

It’s also worth noting that the last game in the Legacy of Kain series was released for the PS2 and Xbox way back in 2003. I expect nine years has been a long enough wait, no?

In any case, treat this as a rumor until it’s verified by Crystal Dynamics, or by publisher Square Enix.

Source: VG247