Microsoft Files Patent for Projector Headsets

It seems Microsoft has “virtual reality” in their minds as the company has filed a patent for videogame displays that can be worn over a person’s head.

The patent shows two types of eyewear filed by Microsoft back in 2010. The image, which can be seen below, shows one where the person wears something that looks like a virtual reality device and looks like a helmet of some sort; while the other one seems to be more feasible in terms of stuff that people might actually use as it just looks like glasses, but chances are we’re quite a few years away from having something like this that can be afforded by the masses.

Microsoft Patent

Microsoft wants these headsets to be able to create 16:9 ratio images and they are also proportionate as 21-inch screens once worn by the user. The devices can also be configured to show stereoscopic 3D.

For the full details on the patent, head on over to Patent Bolt.

Is this something you’d want to wear while playing games? Can we count on something like this for the next Xbox? Hopefully, it won’t be as goofy looking, no?

Source: Game Informer