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Australian R18+ Legislation Approved By House of Representatives

Australia has come one step closer to an R18+ adult rating for video games, as legislation today passed through the House of Representatives without amendment.

The legislation will reform the Australian classification system for video games, bringing in coalition with the existing categories used to classify films. It will also shift the regime of classification based on content in video games closer to the one currently being practiced in UK, USA and similar countries.

Having passed the biggest hurdle, if the bill is approved by the Senate the states will move to accommodate it into their system and the effect could be seen by January next year.

Currently, the existing rating system being used in Australia is fairly restricted; games exceeding the MA15+ category are refused classification, effectively blocking their retail within the nation.

This is why the current classification system has been heavily criticized for inconsistency and also for preventing many major titles to be not sold in Australia.

Source: PlayerAttack