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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Mascot Locations Guide

There are seven raccoons hidden throughout Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and finding them all will net you Raccoon City Mascot achievement or trophy.

If you get tired of killing zombies, you can explore the city to find them. If you can’t locate them, refer to the directions in the guide that follows!

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Raccoon Mascot Achievement/Trophy

Raccoon Location #1 – Containment
Location. Look behind the bookshelves, in the safe room, before Birkin’s lab.

Raccoon Location #2 – Corruption
Location. You will come across a room with different statues. Take the stairs to go up and look for double doors leading to another staircase. You will find this raccoon at the end of this staircase.

Raccoon Location #3 – Lights Out
Location. In the park, keep moving to the right until you come across a sewer with a broken gate you can walk in.

It is to the right of the entrance, next to the shopping cart. After find that, look for EMP grenade in the corner for a bonus.

Raccoon Location #4 – Gone Rogue
Location. Take the elevator leading to the B.O.W. facility, cross the bridge and look for this raccoon between the tanks on the rail, toward the center of the room.

Raccoon Location #5 – Expendable
Location. You can find it to the left of Chief Iron’s Office, by the American Flag.

Raccoon Location #6 – Redemption
Location. Board the elevator at the start and when it stops for the second time, go to the backroom by the switch and look left.

Raccoon Location #7 – End of the line
Location. When you see the cop, keep moving until the zombies break the barrier. Here you have an option to take the ladder, but instead, keep moving and take a right for this raccoon.

Can’t find them? Ask away!