God of War Gets “De-Made” in Glorious 8-Bit

By   /   Mar 19, 2012

If you’ve played any game in Sony’s God of War franchise, chances are you were awed by how big enemies were and by the sheer spectacle of it all – but what if the game was made during the NES days?

Well, it seems that now we don’t even have to wonder, as Holmade Games is working on a God of War 8-bit “de-make” called Bit of War…and we even have the game’s teaser trailer!

Of course, seeing as the game will be limited to 8-bit graphics, don’t expect any humongous monsters to litter the screen.  The gameplay seems to be based on old-school side-scrollers – think, Megaman and the sort. Nonetheless, it still looks impressive.

Bit of War will be out this coming March 27 exclusively for the PC – that is if Sony allows it or deems this an infringement on their copyright and blocks the game’s release.

Source. Ripten

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