God of War Gets “De-Made” in Glorious 8-Bit

If you’ve played any game in Sony’s God of War franchise, chances are you were awed by how big enemies were and by the sheer spectacle of it all – but what if the game was made during the NES days?

Well, it seems that now we don’t even have to wonder, as Holmade Games is working on a God of War 8-bit “de-make” called Bit of War…and we even have the game’s teaser trailer!

Of course, seeing as the game will be limited to 8-bit graphics, don’t expect any humongous monsters to litter the screen.  The gameplay seems to be based on old-school side-scrollers – think, Megaman and the sort. Nonetheless, it still looks impressive.

Bit of War will be out this coming March 27 exclusively for the PC – that is if Sony allows it or deems this an infringement on their copyright and blocks the game’s release.

Source. Ripten