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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC to Ditch Rush Mode?

We already showed you Battlefield 3’s upcoming expansion Close Quarters, but now it seems that the infantry-heavy map might not include one of the franchise’s most popular game modes. I’m talking, of course, about Rush.

The Rush game mode, first seen in the Battlefield spin-offs Bad Company games, has now been accepted as a staple of the franchise. For those who don’t know what Rush is, it consists of two teams an attacking team and a defending team. The defenders need to protect their Mcoms and deplete the attackers’ tickets, while the attackers need to arm Mcoms to push forward. Based on my experience it’s a pretty hectic style of playing – and one that’s super-dependent on teammates to succeed.

Now it seems that Rush might not make it into the Close Quarters DLC. In the latest entry in the Inside DICE series, Lead Designer of the upcoming expansion Niklaus Fegraeus states, “while HD Destruction has a significant impact on how you experience the second-to-second gameplay, we also had to tackle the challenges of bringing our tried and tested game modes to the smaller scale.

We understood quickly that Rush, being a large and progressive mode that takes you on a journey from M-COM to M-COM, simply wouldn’t fit physically. So instead, we turned our attention to Conquest. How could we tailor this essential Battlefield game mode to fit our new type of environment?”

While the game will support Team Deathmatch and Conquest, DICE is also adding in a new mode just for the enclosed areas of the level. DICE is calling this new mode Conquest Domination. I’m assuming this is a faster game of Conquest? Possibly built to suit the expansion’s small, infantry-only maps, no?

In any case, is the exclusion of Rush a deal-breaker for you when it comes to purchasing the Close Quarters DLC?