Transformers Prime to be a Nintendo Exclusive

If you want to play a game version of Transformers Prime cartoon, it seems you’ll need a Nintendo console to do it. Activision and Hasbro is bringing the franchise exclusively to Nintendo platforms (Wii, 3DS and DS).

The game, based on the Daytime Emmy Award winning CGI cartoon, will be an action brawler and cast players as members of Team Prime who must then save the world from Megatron.

David Oxford, Activision Publishing executive VP had this to say:

We are collaborating closely with the series creators to capture all the adventure, humor and friendships from the show to create an authentic action experience for Transformers fans of all ages to enjoy.

Transformers Prime is being developed by Japanese game studio NowPro and will be out later this year. The cartoon’s DS version is being developed by Altron Corporation and is also due out at a later date.

Source: GamesRadar